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Be a part of the freelance network of the future!

LanceChain is the decentralized marketplace for both freelancers and project owners, based on the blockchain ecosystem. We revolutionize the current way freelancing works by removing the middlemen between the freelancer and the customer. With 0% commission, additional security on every project and careful talent management, we are a one stop shop for everyone who needs or offers freelance based work.
Our mission is to bring the freelancer closer to the customer and vice versa, while removing all unnecessary obstacles and ensuring proper talent allocation. We believe in the ingenuity, professionalism and talent of the freelancing world and want to bring those qualities to the next level!

0% commission

We will not take away 15-25% of your earnings in fees. LanceChain operates commission-less policy for project work.

Guaranteed payments

By leveraging the Ethereum smart contract escrow system we will guarantee freelancers` payments.

Dispute settlement

Independent subject matter experts elected by the community of LANC token holders will settle disputes & ensure the work meets the industry standards & desired quality.

No censorship

No central authority to bias reviews, ratings, achievements, earnings, spendings, profile visibility etc.
We will not suspend your account in case of inactivity or in case you decided to work outside of our platform.

Additional earnings

Lanc token holders can earn real income by participating in our talent recognition program.
In the process of dispute resolution both the experts and the election body of LANC token holders will generate incomes.

Blockchain community support

We will offer premium features for free to freelancers and business owners who deal with blockchain related project through LanceChain.

Talent recognition and vetting program

We allow LANC token holders to earn by taking part in assessing the freelancers (of course supported by our experts).
Experienced team of HRs & SMEs will be able to help throughout the whole process of finding & hiring proven top talent. Careful filtering based on the project criteria, language tests, expert interviews, soft and technical skills assessment, certifications and diploma validity, identity verification are part of the actions that will be carried out on behalf of the project owner. Significant part of the incomes will be distributed to the community members taking active part in the talent assessment.

Early adopters program

We have allocated 10% of our total LANC token supply for the first users of the LanceChain platform. Not only do we take 0% commission, but we pay you to be a part of us!
**Our early adopters program will be active until all 10% of the total LANC tokens supply are successfully transferred to our first users.

Dispute settlement

Unbiased and independent subject matter experts will have the final say in case of dispute.
The SMEs will be community members elected by LANC token holders. To incentivise the active involvement of token holders & SMEs we will fairly split the dispute fees so both parties can make additional money.

The LANC token explained

Our utility token is called LanceChain (LANC). Here are the top benefits for token holders.

Token-holders Earnings

The LANC token holders can earn additional income by taking part in our talent recognition and vetting program or by helping the community elect experts for fair dispute resolution.

Free premium features

As a LanceChain token holder you'll have access to the platform premium features. Our premium model will work entirely based on your token contribution – the more you have, the better features you get.

Token-holders – a key driver to success

We consider the LANC token holders be a key driver to success. Spreading the word & attending our affiliate program, taking active part in dispute settlement process & helping us assess the talent will ensure platform success & market cap growth.

Beta testing

The LanceChain token holders will have the privilege to be enrolled to experimental features, beta test them & feedback their experience to us. We will be planning additional bonuses for token holders helping us improve.

token allocation

Max Supply
96.8 Million
Soft Cap
$10,000,000 (USD)
Token Type
Utility token

ICO model

The LanceChain ICO will start in Q2 2018 with the pre-sale round giving the participants the chance to buy LANC tokens with 36% bonus. The exact start-date will be further announced stay tuned and sign up to get the latest updates. If you want to reserve your spot for the participation in pre-sale you can get yourself whitelisted.
Round 1
Round 2
Round 1
Round 2
Soft Cap
$10,000,000 (USD)

affiliate and referral program

Our affiliate program is designed to attract new users and provide the opportunity to earn tokens by creating referrals. Affiliates that refer ICO participants to LanceChain will earn 10% of the amount contributed by their referrals in the form of LANC tokens. Our percentage is astonishing, given that current affiliate programs on blockchain projects start from 2%.

How Does It Work?

Joining our affiliate program and getting ready to promote takes several minutes only. When members join our affiliate program, they will be supplied with a range of graphics and textual links that they can place within their site, social medias, community groups and other platforms.
The process is very simple:
  1. By registering on our system will generate personal affiliate tracking link associated with your account.
  2. The next step is promoting this link on your website, social page, youtube, telegram group or any other channel.
  3. When a user clicks on your affiliate link they will be marked with an affiliate ID pointing to you.
  4. For every contribution from your referrals, you will receive 10% in LANC tokens.
* All results will be visible after the ICO starts and LanceChain has received the ETH transfers. For now, affiliates should only take care about the visitors they bring to our landing page.
** If you are an affiliate with well built network, do not hesitate to contact our marketing team and discuss tailored commission offer.

Benefits for freelancers

Get paid with 0% commission

Easily find all projects in our ecosystem, directly posted by the business owners and get paid instantly with 0% fee.

Security of your work

In case you've already invested some effort but there's a work dispute – we've got your back. Unbiased committee of experts will review your work and secure you get paid for it.

Free marketing of yourself

Build your reputation objectively based only on your work.
All transparent and impossible to manipulate on the blockchain network.

Build a team with people you know

We know you love working with teammates you are already familiar with. Gather together and apply for jobs as a polished team and earn even more!

Onboarding is a piece of cake

New to the freelance world? Create your profile in several minutes! Already have an account in an alternative platform? Even less hustle – you will be able to transfer it directly to LanceChain (without the rating so that we secure objective talent management)

Benefits for project owners

Outsource and pay with 0% fee

Find the right freelancer or well-built team of freelancers for your project. Get it done and pay directly to them with 0% commission.

Full control over your project & spendings

The advanced tools for project monitoring, time-tracking, task & requirements management, quality assurance, reporting, etc. will give you full visibility & control over your project & the performance of freelancers.

Access to pool of pre-vetted top-talents

If you want to be sure your project is developed by the best talent on the market you can greatly benefit from our pool of pre-selected and pre-vetted top freelancers.

Get a great project manager on top

One of our aims is to build a pool of professional project managers. Let us do the heavy lifting and find you the best person to stay on top of the freelancers you hire.

Scale manpower up

Need a designer, front-end and back-end developers as well as a QA? Hire a well built team, not only specific individuals.

The roadmap so far

Jun '17

Idea Genesis and Team Formation

Oct '17

Development Started

Feb '18

LanceChain Project Announcement

Feb '18

Bounty & Affiliate Announcement

Q2 '18

LANC Token Sale

Q3 '18

Exchanges Integration

Q1 '19

LanceChain Platform Launch

Q2 '19

Mobile Apps Launch


Ongoing Enhancement & Development

LanceChain team

Freelance history and background

Our team has a rich history of over 10 years in utilizing freelance platforms – both on the business owner and freelancer sides. We’ve been coping with sites charging astonishing fees and witnessed numerous companies and individuals going out of the platform to save money. We believe working remotely should be commission-less and stimulated as much as possible. Finally we have the right tool to do it – blockchain.

Software background

LanceChain core team is composed of large software expertise – software development, project management, technical architecture, sales and tech marketing specialists. We’ve been in the sector for more than a decade and we know how to run a software project from the ground up. In a world where only 15% of the software projects are a success, we believe this to be a differentiating factor.


We are part of the blockchain community since Bitcoin was in its inception. We are actively participating in the developer groups of blockchain platforms & are constantly following the development of Ethereum, Eos, Iota, Aethernity, etc. This will allow us to be future-agnostic to the upcoming changes or improvements.

Team expansion

To additionally secure our milestones & allow room for improvements and innovation we will use part of the funds collected in the ICO to expand our team. We plan to hire more developers, business analysts, quality assurance specialists & of course enlarge our team of dedicated marketing & sales experts. Employing a lean/agile delivery methodology enables us to utilize our resources in the most effective way. We are product focused and out efforts will be directed to producing user-friendly, modern, stable & secure platform while Involving our community and collecting iterative feedback during the phases of development.

FAQ / frequently asked questions

What is LanceChain?
LanceChain is an Ethereum based platform for freelance work. Payments for a job offer are made in LANC token with 0% commission.
Who will benefit from LanceChain?
Freelancers, project owners, the LANC token holders and blockchain professionals from all across the world.
Do I have to pay to register or use LanceChain?
Absolutely not!
The usage of the platform will be provided free of charge with option to top-up premium features.
If you participate in the ICO and buy LANC tokens above certain threshold you will be eligible for free premium features and subscription packages and participation in various activities allowing you to generate additional income.
How will transactions be processed on LanceChain?
All transactions between freelancers and business owners will be executed in the form of LANC tokens transactions. Bitcoins, Ethereum and fiat currency will be accepted as payment methods and will be automatically converted to LANC by the LanceChain platform. This will generate additional liquidity and demand for the LANC token. The gas costs for transactions will be split equally to the parties.
How will freelancers and business owners be protected of price volatility?
To secure the value we will aim to provide an optional, added value service on LanceChain, which will allow fixing the price of LANC for transaction(s). Advanced algorithm will place an opposite exchange order at the time of the transaction which will hedge against change in crypto asset value. Any loss that may occur from change in the LANC value will be compensated by the gains from the opposite position. As soon as the LANC is withdrawn, both positions will be closed and the hedge cost will be the spread between the parties. This will provide additional liquidity on the LANC aftermarket.
Is the LANC token a security?
The LANC token is not security in any way or form and shall not be considered as such. It is digital/software utility product which which does not provide any ownership rights. It represent a way of operating and processing payments on the LanceChain platform.
When will the LANC token be integrated with exchanges?
Key milestone on our roadmap is to integrate with at least two exchanges by June 2018.
Can I re-sell LANC tokens?
The primary usage of the LANC tokens is intended to be payments on the LanceChain platform, however the token has no expiration and it's up to you if you want to sell it to somebody else at your own risk.
What is the hard cap of the LanceChain project?
The hard cap is 31,000 ETH. It`s hardcoded in our smart contract and any contribution above the hard cap will not be accepted and automatically returned.
When will the LanceChain platform be live?
Fully functional platform will be available in Q4 2018 and the mobile apps will follow in Q1 2019.
Is the ICO smart contract public?
Yes, you can see the code of our smart contract here: